Accreditation of trainers :

The academy accredits trainers under provision by granting them a number of features that realized scientific development.

Accreditation conditions:

  • Trainer:
    1. He should have attended TOT from certified center.
    2. Provision of CV.
    3. Copy of identity cards.
    4. Pay annual subscription 3000 dollars, then a membership renewed 1000 dollars.
  • Consultant:
    1. He must have and experience in the fields of training not less than 7 years or must be a PHD holder of 8 years experience.
    2. He should have attended TOT in a certified center.
    3. CV.
    4. Copy of identity card or passport.
    5. He must pay 5000 dollars as annual accreditation and annual renewed 2000 dollars.

    Accreditation advantages:

  • Trainer:
    1. To be awarded official license from London academy as certified trainer with a code number documentable from dataflow.
    2. Award the trainer membership card in name of the academy.
    3. Approval of free training bags with a code number.
    4. 20% reduction of certificates and training courses that he assisted.
    5. Cooperation in separate contract in conference, workshop and international forums.
  • Consultant:
    1. The consultant is to be given and official license from London Academy as a certified consultant with a code number documentable from dataflow.
    2. To be given a membership card in the name of the academy.
    3. Provision of co-consultations based on the division of profits equally between the consultant and London Academy.
    4. 20% reduction of certificates and training courses that he assisted.
    5. Approval of free training bags with a code number.

    Preparing for international examinations:

    The academy provides training programmes for international examinations board, such as:
  • International examination for preparatory programmes in project management (PMP) And ISO.
  • Food safety programmes (IPFSM) conducted under the supervision of London academy.
  • The global program for volunteer ambassadors.
  • Accreditation provision of training centers :

  • The center shall be officially registered.
  • 5000$ annual accreditation must be paid, and has to be renewed with 2000$ every year.
  • Accreditation advantages: of training centers:

    1. Giving accreditation license from London academy for training.
    2. Approval for free training bags.
    3. Awarding the certified center 10 free certificates.
    4. Reduction 0f 10 % of the value of the certificates.
    5. Conduction of forums between the center and London academy.
    6. Spreading the name and the logo of the training courses conducted in the center in London academy website.


    The academy objectives based on designing standards for consultants to insure the provision of distinguish services and scientific consultations to promote institutions and individuals.

    The academy provides consultations in number of fields:

  • Management
  • Quality
  • Human resources
  • Project management
  • Marketing and sales
  • Audition and accounting
  • Computer programmes
  • Public relation and information
  • Languages
  • Engineering programmes
  • Self-development
  • Economics